The world has become more environmentally conscious, and the government has tightened on the laws regarding environmental emissions. The cruise industry follows the lead and has made this a high priority - making SeaWalk a natural choice. Not only is SeaWalk practical and good for tourism, but it's also more environment-friendly than the traditional quayside.

Less air polution
When using SeaWalk the tendering operations and emissions that follows is reduced by until 40 ton CO₂ pr. call. 

No physical footprint
SeaWalk is removable, reusable and requires minimal space to install. The traditional quay is a large intervention in the environment - with SeaWalk you avoid non-reversible constructions

Avoid overcrowding
With SeaWalk we can spread cruise traffic to several destinations so that we don't get overpopulated in a few destinations. This can thus give the cruise industry the opportunity to grow, as well as avoid overcrowding.