About SeaWalk

The story behind SeaWalk is simply that we saw a possibility to expand the cruise industry to new places.

The cruise industry is growing worldwide. The industry has a history of more than 150 years in the Norwegian fjords, and has had an average growth of 5-10% a year. Now we've come to a point where the quay don't have the capacity to follow the growth, which leads to lost profit for both the industry and the destinations. In some cases attractive destinations don't have a quay, and can't build one, and other places has been forced to place the quayside at industrial areas that aren't attractive for tourists. These limitations are all bad for the increase of value.

This changes with SeaWalk. SeaWalk can be installed anywhere, takes up less space than a dock, and is both removable and reusable. 

SeaWalk is founded on well-proven technology used in the oil industry in The North Sea. The weather in the Norwegian fjords doesn't compare to the rough and extreme weather the installation actually can endure.